1. You can have up to 10 skills and may only equip up to 4 at a time.

2. Your skills release one at a time according to the order you arrange them in.

3. There'll be twice basic attack once all your skills are released, and then continue to use your skills.

4. Release skills consume magic points. When MP is depleted, basic attack will be used instead.

5. Skills with damage of 100% will definitely hit the target and but can't fulfill crit.

6. Buff:

●Stun: Can't move when get stunned.
●Freeze: Can't move when got frozen.
●Mute: Unable to release skill when got muted.
●Blinding: -70% Hit.
●Shield Wall: -50% damage received.
●Inspire: +30% damage dealt, +50% Armor.
●Slow: Reduce damage by 50%.
●Enrage: Basic attack has 100% chance to crit, and immune all debuffs.
●Poinsoned: Lose 4% of current HP every round.
●Expose: -80% Armor.
●Burn: Deals magic damage by 50% per round.
●Icing: Enemies using common attacks have 50% chance to freeze for 1 round.
●Bleed: Cannot recover HP.
●Enchanted Errow: +50% magic damage on all common attacks.
●Eagle Eye: +100% damage dealt.
●Hide: Only endure group damage.
●Mage Shield: 1 magic point counteracts 5 damage.