[Annoucement] Notice of Server Shut Down


Dear players,

Hello there.

Eternal Glory has been receiving the support and love from players since the game was launched, thanks for building up the warmth and joys in the game along the way. 

Due to the termination by agreement, we now announce with the deepest regret that Eternal Glory will shut down permanently21:00 am on Mar. 13, 2015(Server Time, EDT) and you will not be able to access the game afterwards. 

After the Shut Down
We would love to guide you to play on this platform:, we will also send out some gift packs:

General players will receive the following items : scroll chest*3, advanced luckstone*3, red card package*2, super luckstone*2, diamonds*5, potions*150, 

VIP players will receive the following items: scroll chest*3, advanced luckstone*3, red card package*2 , super luckstone*2, diamonds*5, potions*150, Plus 50% return of your previous recharge. 

Note: Each new account can receive the gift pack only ONCE.

We Would Appreciate
Feel free to contact customer service through file a ticket, or via, along with the FULL SCREENSHOT showing your IGN and server/platform.

Meanwhile, please also let us know which of your game character on which server you want to receive gift packs.

Moving Forward
After gathering the info and details, we will send out the gift packs ASAP after the server shut down.

So long for now and good game on Castlot!

Eternal Glory Team